Who Can Use Shea Butter?

Anyone, the only exception would be someone who has a nut allergy (please consult a physician before using Shea butter if you do). FAAN and the FDA classify Shea as a tree nut. According to Dr. Watson, Shea nuts are indeed a tree nut, but there have been no documented allergic reactions to it. He states this is likely because the oil used in skin care products, contains little protein, which is what triggers an allergic reaction.

 How long will my Shea butter stay fresh and does it need refrigeration?

We do mix Aloe butter and Vitamin E in our butter to preserve the shelf, but we do recommend using our mixes within one year. Shea Butter has a shelf life of two years and it will keep much longer in the freezer if you desire for longer storage.

 Can I use Shea butter in my hair?

Yes, our All-in-One Body Butters can be used in your hair.

 Can I use black soap on my face?

Yes. Raw Black Soap is a terrific facial cleanser.

 Are all your products All Natural?

With the exclusion of only the synthetic fragrance oils, we use in some of the scented Shea Butters, Body Oil, Hair Oil, Body Scrub, Face Scrub, and Soap every ingredient we use is completely natural and all are totally safe!

 Does your company accept money orders as a form of payment?

No. Only the methods that are listed our site.

Does your payment accept Paypal?

No. At this time we do accept PayPal, due to their terms and conditions.


Do you offer product samples?

Yes, We do offer a butter sample 

Can Yo-Shea Naturals cure my acne, or keep me from getting fine lines and wrinkles?

Yo-Shea Naturals makes absolutely no declarations, whatsoever, about the possible benefits using our products, may impart to your skin. Here’s what we know: we use oils such has Rosehip and Tamanu, that each has a great report when it comes to being healthy. We choose ingredients that have loads of vitamins and antioxidants that have been used for years to solve common hair and skin issues.

Sensitive Skin

Although it is a fact that the perfumes used in many scented products are serious skin irritants, it all depends on what's actually being used to give the product its scent, we also offer unscented body butters.

Eczema and Psoriasis 

What is the best product to use for eczema or psoriasis?

We cannot and do not make any declarations about the benefits or potential benefits our products may have for those with a medical condition like eczema or psoriasis since they have not been studied in randomized clinical trials for the treatment of these conditions. We do not, in any way, guarantee results.

We can, however, relate the personal experience of our founder as well as many others who have received results from our products. We recommend using the all-one butter to help with any skin irritates such as eczema and psoriasis!

How are Yo-Shea Naturals Products tested?

Yo-Shea Naturals products have not been medically tested. We cannot make any claims about the effects of our products on any particular skin conditions. We do not test our products on any animals.

Why don't your products come in a bigger size than 8 oz.?

For one thing, like just about everything the fresher the better! Eight ounces should last you about a month. However, we are considering offering our products in 16oz in the near future.

What if my package arrived damaged? 

Email our customer service at It’s unlikely, but possible, that a jar might leak or your package may get damaged during shipment, but don't worry, we're here to help! Please be sure to contact us within 5 business days of receiving your package.  To expedite the replacement process, please send along a picture of your damaged package if possible  

Return Policy

Yo-Shea Naturals products are final sale and not returnable. Shipping charges are non-refundable. All orders are final and cannot be changed or canceled once placed. However PLEASE contact us ASAP if there are any errors on your ORDER!


How much is shipping?

We use USPS as our preferred shipper for domestic packages, please note their price may change! Currently it is $8, we do run promotions for Free Shipping or $5 shipping.


Questions about your order

When do orders go out/how long does order processing take?

Under normal circumstances, orders will ship within 3-5 business days. If the product you ordered is out of stock, please allow additional time for shipping. You will receive an email when your order ships out with complete tracking information. 


What if I want to cancel my order or switch a product after I have placed it?

All orders are final and cannot be canceled or changed after they are placed. We submit orders directly to our fulfillment team so they can get processed immediately and shipped out to you as soon as possible and they are super quick. However please contact us ASAP for any issues! Please email us with ANY concerns

 I don't want to order online. Can I place an order via email?

Yes. Email us at

Are there retail locations where I can buy Yo-Shea Naturals?

Not at this time.

Custom Gift Packages
What if I want to order multiple gift packages or gift baskets?

We currently do not offer this option.

Can you feature my company’s logo or colors for a corporate event?

We currently do not offer this option.

Do you do wedding favors?

We currently do not offer this option.