Our Story




My name is Yonique and I am the founder of Yo-Shea Naturals. While growing up in the country of Jamaica, I suffered from a skin condition called eczema. The back of my elbow was a huge scab, and quite frankly, it looked awful. As a 7-year-old child, I was teased for my skin condition which did affect my self-confidence.

Fast forward 12 years and my family and I have migrated to America. My skin still suffered from frequent flare-ups. In 2010, I started watching a lot of YouTube videos and became inspired by how the community was using natural ingredients on their hair and body. Instead of using the prescribed creams for my skin, I started applying raw Shea Butter. The Shea Butter made my skin soft and my eczema became dormant. I would buy oils from the beauty supply store and mix my own body butters with Shea Butter being the main ingredient. I noticed that I was getting great results after consistently using my handmade body butters. On Christmas I gave my mother my homemade body butter, she said: "maybe one day you will have your own line of products". This very thought produced the seed of Yo-Shea Naturals.