Why Yo-Shea Naturals?

Why Yo-Shea Naturals?

Yo-Shea Naturals is dedicated to always using certified natural ingredients, along with fair trade Shea and Mango butter. Our mission is to always provide quality products along with GREAT customer service.

Our vision for this brand is to become a go-to for natural skincare and hair products. Once the business is able to sustain itself, we do plan on using the profits to build orphanages, group homes in less fortunate areas. Yo-Shea Naturals is about creating beauty on the inside and outside. Being able to serve, as well as mentor others is how we plan on achieving this.


Core Values

As a brand, we understand the value of taking care of your mind, body, and soul. We strive to treat each other and our customers with integrity and respect. Accountability is another core value that drives our company. We expect our customers to keep us accountable for our actions and responsibility.